Wednesday, 17 October 2012

GATE and EnviLOD at the JISC Research Tools programme meeting

Today I went to Birmingham for the #JISCrestools programme meeting, organised by Christopher Brown and Torsten Reimer.

My presentation was on our latest #EnviLOD research on semantic annotation with Linked Open Data (DBPedia, Geonames, and GEMET) coupled with a demo of the Mimir-based semantic search over environmental science literature.

It was a really good meeting, especially seeing in more detail related work around:

  • text mining and social science tools for analysing social media (COSMOS and the Twitter analysis workbench); 
  • SKOS-HASSET on turning the HASSET thesaurus into SKOS and publishing as Linked Open Data, as well as using it for automated indexing; 
  • the INSPIRES project on finding links between researchers;
  • the Histore project which created training modules on text mining for historians, including GATE;
  • the eHealth GATEWay to the Clouds project which will soon publish some GATE plugins for anonymisation of electronic patient records
  • the COMTAX project on community-driven curation of taxonomic databases.
There were many other very interesting ones, just no time to write now about them all, but they are listed here.

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