Monday, 21 January 2019

SoBigData funded travel grant for short-term visiting Scholar

As a part of SoBigData's Transnational Access (TNA) activities, the Department of Computer Science at Sheffield University is keen to host scholars from non-UK universities who would like to visit Sheffield to undertake a short period of research as part of a scheme to promote international cooperation and the dissemination of knowledge. Grants are made available to cover 1-2 month research for scholars at non-UK universities/organisations. During the visit scholars will join in one of the following research projects:

       • Social media part of speech tagging in multiple languages
           — Part of Speech is one of the most widely used linguistic features to analyse social media content. The project aims to build models to tag social media content with the universal POS tag set.

       • Social media named entity recognition in multiple languages
           — The presentation of named entities in social media is generally different from the presentation of named entities in news articles. NER systems trained on news articles cannot perform well in social media analysis. The aim of this project is to build NER models for social media in different European languages

       • Sentiment Analysis for Twitter posts
          — Sentiment analysis is one of the basic components used to analyse societal debates. This project aims to build a sentiment analysis model based on short and noisy twitter posts.

 What is covered (up to 4500 euros):
 Return flight/train tickets to Sheffield
 Accommodation during the visiting period
 Daily subsistence
 GATE Summer School
 Mentor from GATE members 

 Application before: 30 March 2019
 Notification: within 2 months after submission

 Eligibility Requirements:
 Candidates must:
       • have PhD degree or be enrolled in a doctoral programme offered by an educational institution recognised by that country’s authorities
       • not be enrolled as a student or worked in a higher education institution of the United Kingdom
       • resume studies/work in their home country after the end of the grant period

 How to apply:
Applicants should apply though SoBigData TransNationalAccess (

Any question related to the projects please contact: Xingyi Song (

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