Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meet the #EnviLOD Project Team

On June 28th, 2012 we held the first project meeting in Sheffield, UK. In keeping with traditional British summers, it rained cats and dogs just as the British Library team arrived in the morning and then as we were due to go out to lunch. To add insult to injury, the kitchen was being refurbished, so we had to bring in refreshments from outside and the coffee wasn't very good. After all this, I'm surprised that the project partners are still keen to work with us. Wisely though, they scheduled the follow-up user requirements meeting in London, in early July.

Here is a quick introduction of all #EnviLOD team members:

Dr Niraj Aswani is a post-doctoral researcher in the GATE team at Sheffield, working on ontology-based semantic annotation and search. Most recently, his research has focused on querying Linked Data through SPARQL and using Linked Data for semantic annotation, indexing, and search. He has published at key semantic technology conference (ISWC, ESWC) and journals. In EnviLOD, he will be the key researcher developing the new LOD-based semantic annotation and search tools. 
Dr. Johanna Kieniewicz is Environmental Science Research Officer at the British Library and leads on engagement with the environmental science research community for Envia. She has researched information needs of the UK environmental science research community, captured content and user interface requirements for the Library’s Envia project, and has experience with a variety of consultation methodologies. She has also been trained by the University of Sheffield on the semantic annotation of content using GATE. 
Michael Wallis is a flood and coastal research scientist and experienced project manager within the Coasts and Estuaries Group at HR Wallingford. He was involved in the Defra/EA funded project ‘Sustainable Flood and Coastal Management’ and was also a contributing author to the EU funded FLOOD site research dissemination document ‘Flood risk assessment and flood risk management’.

I am the project director, who has the pleasure to work with this enthusiastic and talented EnviLOD team. A short bio and outline of my latest activities appear on my home page.

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